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1, does not leak does not leak, do not think this is a joke, in fact, the meaning of this word contains two aspects: one is strong, one is safe. Harsh environment, bumps are difficult to avoid. If the kettle is not strong enough, the consequences can be imagined. Similarly, if it closes the opening lax, not only will lose very valuable in the field of drinking water, clothing and equipment may carry the other items will also wet. If food, clothing and other important items of the victims, and in some extreme environments likely to kill you.2, easy to carry and easy portability, the situation is a lot of outdoor use kettle, sometimes on the bike, sometimes on the wall, which the kettle portability forth requirements. And some container with a soft material, such as leather bag and water bottles, and more irreplaceable advantages, their size and shape can be changed as needed, this is the gospel that you have overloaded backpack.3, designed for the specific use and designed for specific use, great differences in the outdoor environment, a wide range of outdoor sports, in some cases, can not meet the general needs of the function. In the case of those who drink only free hand, a single hand or with the teeth can turn on and off the lip design is particularly important, in the large number of picnic and camping when necessary, a foldable bucket will effectively meet water needs camps. At high altitude or polar and other harsh conditions, a guarantee that your water does not freeze holding water bottles make you no worries. Compared with other Water Toys, sports water bottles because the durable, safe, reliable, convenient insurance, and can be based on individual preferences and different colors, styles of pattern selection, has become a basic configuration for outdoor enthusiasts. How to choose the reassuring, affordable, safe drinking sports water bottles, it has become an important issue can not be ignored.
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